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Sorting Question! Empty fields


I have a repeating group of to-do list items sorted by date… Ending soonest to latest…

The problem is that not all of these fields will have a date, and when I sort it places the tasks without a date above those with a date ending soonest… I would like this to be opposite

I.e. It gives me

  1. Task 1 - Due whenever

  2. Task 2 - Due Tomorrow

  3. Task 3 - Due next week

Any ideas?

If this isn’t possible can I make it so that anytime a task is added and the date is empty it can default to a date like 999 years from now? Would I do this in the workflow for creating a new task?

One idea - include 2 different repeating groups (one directly above the other as if they were 1 repeating group from a user POV). Then have the first one filter to only show those with “count of date field’s value = 1” and then the one below it filter for the opposite “count of date field’s value = 0”.

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Is there any way I can create a variable called dateavail that will be inputted conditionally based on whether or not a date was added?

Like in the flow chart below? If so - How specifically can I add the conditional behavior to differentiate between 1 or 2?

@emmanuel no one that I ask seems to know this… Would you happen to know?

Just kidding I did it!

Created new variable called dateavail

in the workflow when a task is added I added two “Create Task” workflows… One that makes dateavail=yes and one that makes it equal “no” … The yes is set to “only when due date picker’s value = not empty” and vice versa.

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