Sorting repeating group based on dates and text


I’m building a app, and one of the items is a page whereas the workexperience of a user is displayed. Just imagine a general Linkedin profile page. Anyway, each jobexperience contains an employer, function description and beginning and end date. All goes well if you sort the repeating group on ‘end date’, untill you have the display the current job, because then there is no end date. I’ve added a Checkbox "this is your current job’ and instead of end date a text message will display “Current” and the ‘end date’ will be empty.
But how do I manage that the group with the ‘current job’ is always listed on top, when I have a repeating group which organizes it on ‘end date’?

Doesn’t sound too complicated does it?:slight_smile:

2 things you can do?

  1. In your design, have a group ABOVE the repeating group that displays the current job.

  2. When the user is create the “current job” in the workflows, you can create a field in the database table called “current”. If the user is creating their current job, this will be saved as yes in the workflow. If not, it’ll be saved as no. Now in the repeating group, you could try sorting by the “current” field first, follows by the “end date” field.

Make sense?

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