SOS: Plaid plugin with Zeroqode template

So, I’m having trouble adding a fund source / connecting a bank to my payments app (a Zeroqode template with Plaid pre-built into it), and I get an error when trying to connect to Plaid.

Copilot says: “this is not an error with the Plaid plugin, and that they have connected with many application owners in the past few months who’ve experienced this issue due to an improper or incomplete implementation.”

Bubble Support responded with:
“It sounds like you might be getting some conflicting info from Copilot: if the issue isn’t with the Copilot plugin, but they’re seeing these issues with improper setup, that does loop back to something going on with the plugin.”

And added:
“I might also suggest that you leave a review for the Plaid plugin if the setup instructions from Copilot are not sufficient to get this working.”


Hello, @erin.
Thanks for reaching out.

Can you please tell me what exact template you are using, your Plaid plugin screenshots, and all the details that could help us understand the current situation within your app? We would be glad to investigate this issue and help you resolve it.

But first, we should know what template you have purchased to check its Plaid functionality in an attempt to reproduce the error. Please provide us with as many details as possible. :pray:

Zeroqode Team