SoundCloud Player

Hey is there any type of possibility to place a soundcloud link in the app that shows the player?

@Adam2016 Yes. First you need to draw an HTML element in your page, and copy paste the embedded code that Soundcloud will provide you. Similar to displaying a Youtube video by just embedding the code. Hope that help! :v:

thats funny you say that because thats what I am doing BUT I am making a mobile app and as far as I know users cant find embed code to share on the soundcloud app @wysamx

Did anyone figure this out?

Or alternatively, is anyone developing a audio player plugin similar in appearance and features to the Soundcloud player? Would be incredibly useful to many people i think, rather than relying on the incredibly limited CirclePlayer for all our audio needs!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m using the SoundCloud player on my app. Simply draw an HTML element in bubble. The go to the SoundCloud page, click share/embed and copy the HTML. Paste it into your HTML element on bubble. That is it.

I also would like to see a music player on bubble to play uploaded files that is similar to SoundCloud. I’m sure it can be built with JavaScript.

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