Spaced repetition (workflow? plugin?)


I would like a tutorial on how to create a spaced repetition workflow, like Anki.

For those unfamiliar with Anki, basically, the user would be asked to answer a question, and if the questions they get wrong would be shown to them more and more frequently until they get it right. Basically, new and difficult information gets shown to the user more frequently than old and easy information.

Here is a link:

Is this possible to make?

Thank you

Hi, boosting this post again—please, even if you don’t know the answer, any discussion/response would be helpful!

Yes, you build app like that.

But I think Anki repetition algorithm is more complex than it seems. If you want something more complex you would have to come up with some internal systems that would do the math for you.

If you want some simple +1 week, +2 weeks + 3 weeks . That should be fairly easy.

Other spaced repetition topics on the forum:

There is even a fresh app

Thank you!

Hi I am the creator of the app that mentioned. I can confirm that it is possible to make. I don’t remember if I mentioned it in my original post about my app, but the algorithm I used in my app is an adapted version of the open source version of the Anki algorithm (version 2 I think).

I don’t have the time necessary to make a full tutorial but just let me know if there is anything specific you need help with. It can get a little complex but is definitely doable.

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