Spacing out scheduled workflows

Hi All,

Is there any way to detect and space out workflows that have been scheduled at the same time?

The problem is that on my app there is a tendency for users to schedule workflows around the same time of the day (i.e. - end of the work day).

They are already recursive and not running on lists to ease the load on capacity. I’m trying to gain some further efficiency by spacing out workflows that may have been scheduled at the same time.

Thanks for any insights.


Hey Mihira,

If you run recurring workflows on a data type, maybe can you had a data field to store the running time.
If there are scheduled workflows, you can create a data type with the same kind of data field as above.

In both cases, before you set a new workflow check if any is already planned at this time.

Hi @devease,

Thanks yes I will try this. I guess it will need another recursive workflow to determine the first slot where a worklfow is not scheduled.

@mihira what king of actions is it exactly ? “recurring workflow” or “scheduled workflows”?

@devease It’s a scheduled recursive workflow.

First you can get back the scheduled time of current recurring workflows, by adding this step to your current recurring worflow:

Then you can set new recurring workflows by iteration. In this example we don’t allow more than 5 WF running at the same time and we iterate by 5min. Set recurring workflows as current date/time.

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Gotcha @devease thanks so much for the screenshots.

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