Special humanitarian project under NDA

Hello awesome people of Bubbleia :slight_smile: (we can see this as a virtual country right?),

I have a very special project in the works. It’s a humanitarian project meant to save lives. Have some progress done already.

If knowing that every day, at least 1 life is saved because you’ve donated time to help finish this project, then this project is right for you! :slight_smile:

Later… updates, maintenance and customizations will cost, and that cost (income) will be split (after taxes) to all those whom helped.
Permanent employment will be offered in the near future. Remote or on site.

If you are interested, please drop a PM with your ID scanned and full address and name, I will get back to you with the NDA. Once the NDA is signed, you’re included in the team.
You can join if you are good with either: bubble platform, graphics, GPS/navigation in general, JS.

Looking forward to seeing your ‘applications’ and to make (good) history together! :tada:Thank you in advance for your interest and for being an AWESOME HUMAN BEING! :blush:

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Sounds like an interesting project. My guess is that you probably shouldn’t ask for a scan of an ID, however. It could be interpreted as phishing and is probably against some terms of services somewhere on here.

I need ID and video call with ID to have proof on record that it is indeed the person that signed the NDA. Another option is to meet in person but I don’t think anyone would come to Romania :slight_smile: just for that.

I get it, but I still think this probably violates some rules. Maybe there is another way to accomplish what you want?

and what are those rules exactly? If I break any I ask an admin to tell me and I will change the procedure.
Don’t worry :slight_smile: from experience, I tell you that not so many people rush to help.

Because no one is going out of their way to scan their ID, send it to you with all their details, have a video call with you, sign an NDA, etc etc, all for a free humanitarian project.

It’s kind of funny how near and dear people hold NDA’s to them. If you’re international, actually enforcing an NDA would be near impossible (without tens of thousands of $).

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oh I forgot to mention. Please don’t bother to reply if you don’t want to participate! Actually I remembered but I thought this time I might not have to mention it.

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