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**!SPECIAL OFFER!** | Free CAD/MDT | Read Description | Our Full Inventory Is Going Out There

My discord is masonpackers_#0001

I would like one for my community! rockhero01#8660


Joshua C.#6983

To anybody needing a free CAD still, Hydra Tech offers a free plan that you can create your community with instantly.

System: Bismuth CAD - Login/Signup

Hi There,

I would like addital infomation about this Vappermox#7315


The free plan is’t that good


@Bestgamer323 Why do you say that?

@Bestgamer323 We have a feedback center anybody can use. We have 900+ users along with 100+ communities who all say they love the CAD and helped them grow… HT is always looking for additional feedback and if the community believes the free plan deserves more perks than anybody may suggest it.



hello could I have a base of mdt please my discord Tainino#3172 thanks

ghostXgamer#2796 is my discord I need a cad for my role play server

I would like one dillondalton24#6620

Tbh I need one bad, starting a server and struggling. My discord is ε€±γ‚γ‚ŒγŸ#0666