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im planning to build an web app. Its supposed to be an e-learning app. I wonder, how I can achieve that just this user who bought the course is able to get to the page? I list all pages in the menu. (Course 1, 2 ,3 e.g.) If the user now buys Course 1, he must be able to get to the page. If the user didn’t bought it and clicks on the menu (Course 1) he should get the notification that he hast to buy the course.

Im really new to bubble. I hope you can help me out with this.

Thank you.


Your courses are probably things in your database, so you can just have a user field “list of bought courses”.

Then you can use conditions on click (i.e. if course is in current user’s list of bought courses).

Short addition: You should not only use the condition on click, as the users could get around this by directly inserting the url in the browser. You should also check on the course page if the user has bought the course.

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Is there any step by step tutorial out there?

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