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I have many specific questions/problems in my app. Maybe some questions/problems are simple, but it’s worth asking. Thanks in advance

  1. I have heavy images in my app (I can’t compress them because I upload them through the multifile uploader). When opening an image in a popup, it takes about 10 seconds to load the image element. Is there a way to add a “Loading” text while the image is not visible with any conditions?

  2. In Run-mode rendering, in the “rescale” option, @Bubble says “the element but is not distorted. This is the best option for profile pictures.” (Introduction - Bubble Docs), but the image is distorted in all three modes, even if it’s a nearly perfect square.

  3. How can I animate a RG like this?
    screencast 2020-12-09 14-56-42

  4. This are my data types:

    • I have two data types: “Users” and “Posts”
    • “Users” has 3 fields: “email”, “name” and “posts” (list of Posts)
    • “Posts” has 2 fields; “text” and “created by”

    I have a workflow to download “Posts”, and the primary field of “Posts” is “text” and of “Users” is “name”, so the .csv should have “Posts” (text) and “Users” (name). But instead, it has the unique id in “Users”. What am I doing wrong? and what is the difference between “Use field captions instead of IDs” and " Primary fields"?

  5. Imagine I have a Type “Event” with “start” and “end”, and in my UI I have 2 Date/Time Pickers.

    • How can I show a text that the expression be like:
    • Do a search for all dates that overlap with the Date/Time Pickers.
  6. Imagine I have an app in live version and users are already using it. It has two data types called “Music” and “Songs”.

    • Music has Songs (List of songs). And the fields in Songs are Artist (text), Name of the song (text) and Duration (number).

    What happens when I need to create a Type called “Artist” with the field “songs” (List of songs). How can I transfer all the “Artist” (field in songs in text) to the new “Artist” type and add a field to song “Artist” with type “Artist”?

  7. How can I display private pdf files?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

Hi, assuming you’re on a paid plan and therefore have API workflows…

  1. You should be able to process image files with imgix to compress them. Once uploaded, kick off an API workflow to reprocess the file, then you have a compressed copy that’s smaller and loads faster. This is good as pages that are too slow to load will get penalised for SEO.

  2. If you process your images with imgix, then they’re ready at run time and should load faster and more reliably.

  3. To do a one-off data structure change like that you’ll probably be able to run this in a workflow, maybe a cursive one, which you initiate when you deploy.

Thanks, @richard10, will try all this

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