Specific workflow for a single button

Hi all,

I’m still a noob with bubble and I’m struggling with one specific workflow.

I need to create a button which firstly create a new product in the database with no specific parameters. After that I should be automatically redirected to the landing page, where I will be able to edit the parameters of this product, which will then be saved in the database.

At the same time, if I click on this button again, I will no longer create a new product, but I will be taken to the landing page of the original product. So this button should be used to create a product only for the first time and then I should be able to modify the product through the page which opens the same button.

It is also needed to have more buttons like this, i.e. button 1 = product 1, button 2 = product 2 etc., but each logged-in user will only be able to create one product per button.

How do I do that?

I will be very grateful to all of you for every polite help.

As you have just joined, you will need to be familiar with Bubble ( database, data type, worflow, conditions, elements, states, url parameters, option sets etc.) to come with a solution you need.

But yes what you are trying to is easily achievable. You will have to understand at least basics of all of these things first.

You will need to create a product database with fields (parameters), to creat, store and make changes to the data(thing).

You will need to create page (data type: product) along with other landing pages.

You will need to have workflow to make things happen (modify, navigate etc.) based on conditions like a user won’t be able any specific thing (data) more than one time etc.

You might need states for temporary storage of data and option sets to pre define data like when a button is clicked you might want to set a state along with a workflow to control something on the page.

These are the basics I am learning for couple of months and not finshed yet. But almost near to the launch of an app that I can’t believe is happening :slightly_smiling_face::dart:

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