Specify to round date to a rep group

hello all

I have a rep group and each cell contains a date. I would like to round all dates to day in order to filter this rep group by choosing a date without specifying the time.

Any idea ? many thanks

Hi @t.mombert :wave:

There are several posts here in the forum talking about filtering dates…


SearchForEvents where:

MyEventDate >= FilterDate:rounded down to Date
MyEventDate < FilterDate + 1 day :Rounded down to Date

Hope it help!

many thanks! yes I viewed those topics but I forgot to mention that my events have several dates, not only one, so I can’t use this…

I finally find a solution in this video : https://youtu.be/VmMd5DLWZqU?si=BFV2V-2BmMiNvLS3

with advanced filters !