Speed and WU Question regarding Database Triggers

I have some search datatypes that I will be updating using database triggers and was wondering about what is the more efficient practice.

Example : I have to update 8 fields on my search datatype st_car from a datatype called dt_car

Option A

  • I create 8 seperate data triggers with a single condition on each for example if dt_cars before car_name is not dt_cars_after_car_name then make changes and update the car_name in st_car

Option B
-I create a single database trigger with a 8 conditions that check all the fields before running the database trigger and then I make changes to st_car updating probably all 8 fields,

Option C
-Some other method I haven’t thought of but some other bubble legends have…

I’m tending towards the first example as it could be easier to maintain but i’m just not sure on the overhead to having 8 database triggers (and infact on my app there could actually be more like 12 or more)