Speed differences in real-time saving to database

I have this workflow here where I watch changes to the Rich Text Editor, and save them to database (RTE’s autosave option is ON so it saves every few seconds).

When I had a simpler looking editor, the saving was very smooth. The browser didn’t have this progress bar when it was saving.

However, when I changed to a more complicated UI (more elements on the page that have nothing to do with the RTE) - even though the above workflow and database structure remains the same, the saving was choppy and there’s a progress bar every time it saves.

Any idea why the difference? How do I find out what exactly is the browser or app busy with?

Oops, I think I got it.

There’s a 2nd workflow with the opposite condition “and Current document not empty”, and apparently simply checking this additional condition makes it slow down considerably!

Hi Javy,

Thanks for this thread, do you find this workflow quick enough ? I don’t see additional value to use this workflow when Autosave is ON.

I wish autosave would be as fast as a google doc save it for true real-time collaboration.