Speed problem with advanced shopping list - list shifter a solution?

I have gone through all the list shifter blog post again today and it seems to me the biggest speed bottleneck in creating these shoppinglist_items is purely the fact that it requires a create / change object and as @keith points out in this blog post (List Shifter: Reverse, Rotate, Swap and ITERATE (Loop) Over Bubble Lists | Now at v1.4: Adds Numeric Option, GET INDEX Action) this is simply limited by the speed of backend modifications. My conclusion hence is that simply replacing an API workflow on a list with the iterate function will not do the trick if the actions within the iterate workflow remain creating & changing backend objects.

I am now looking into this post of @keith: 📒 What is the best way to publish a list of objects to bubble?

Watching the video, it seems that creating a shopping list with multiple line items this way should be very similar to creating an order with different line items, i.e. one shoppinglist item also consists of quantity, product / ingredient, and potentially a few other values. So I think this will be where I will start looking next…