Speed tuning - very slow

hi All

After some advise on how to speed tune my app. I am trying to enable the user to be able to filter a repeating group based on their needs. The trouble is it is taking ages to populate the required data.

I have 4 tables in use
1 - Order Lines
2 - Product
3 - Format
4 - Category

A order line contains the type category and product, the format is then part of the product type.

I have setup a radio button to pull through all category’s based on a particular order (this is quick and near enough instant), i next populate another radio button with all the formats (This takes forever to load), last thing is to display the repeating group.

At the moment the repeating group is generating way before the formats list is (And the Repeating group has images galore etc)

How can i speed up the process?, i have tried several ways and none really work.

Current Source is to search for order lines’s product’s product format:unique elements (constraint set to a specific chosen order). Not sure if there is a better way to get this populated.


Maybe you can add some screenshot of your setting or link to editor in public view mode?

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