Speed up data loading in nested repeating groups & popups that use data sources?

I have pages that basically are

  • Search for properties
  • View property detail for one property (data source filters to one property, loads initial RGs)
  • Buttons open other popups, which contain data sources related to property (more loading RG)

Right now, I’m doing “Do a search for” and constraining the search at each “page level”, so there is a delay when opening a popup and the data becoming visible.

Is there a best practice, such as loading all the data to be used on the initial detail page?

I believe custom states would be a good use case here, but i need to keep the data private off the client side.

Another issue I have is I have raw JSON i am doing a search for and if no duplicates exists in that parsed data, then user can go ahead and execute an API call. But as far as I am aware, to parse JSON in your database, you have to setup the API connector like this below. So not sure how to stop this JSON being exposed on client side.