Speeding up search/operations on a database

Hey team - I have a B2B SaaS app. I have one user and already my repeating groups are loading slowly. The do a search for as well as operations (eg add subtract) on many things is incredibly slow. Eg takes 7 seconds… it concerns me a bit about scalability. I read about others who’ve scaled more… how do they do this and maintain performance? Do I have to move to eg Xeno? Seems crazy early for that.

Are there any best practices? I’ve already purchased & watched the video series suggested elsewhere in the forum (eg using satellites etc).

Hi, what do you represent in the repeating group? And how large are the data?

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Highly likely that your search isn’t setup in an optimized way if it is loading that slowly with one user. Hard to say what the exact issue without seeing your setup. I offer coaching/consulting if you are interested!