Speedup... Front End Processing : How to?

Hi There,
Trying to explore some Front End Concepts here to speed up my apps.
Wanna Speed Up processing everything I can in front end just before writing to DB

To easier my question, I’ve done an simple APP
LinkToBubbleAPP:Bubble | No-code apps

I’ve designed an Input in my APP, inside a Repeating Group of Products.
Database has : Products and Price
I Can do Calculations inside my Repeating Group, like those in my APP (just take a look, easier to show than to explain…!)

How can I access calculations inside a Repeating to save to another Table?
Say Order Table : Product, Quantity, Total Amount? (See Order Table)

Tks in advance !

Hi Guys… Anyone? Any insight?
Can’t we use an input inside a Repeating Group? It Works, it must be a way to use it… !

start by using the plugin “repeating group tools (bdk)”. it will let you get info out of repeating groups without saving to database

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