Spinner while waiting on Microsoft SSO

Im using API Connector to login with MIcrosoft SSO. When a user clicks on “Sign in with Microsoft” and click on their email, the process takes some time.

While waiting on MIcrosoft, the user is sent back to my APP with no information. And if the user waits for 2 seconds, it logs in.

Is there any good way to show a spinner in this scenario?

With Google Signup i used some information in the URL with a “Do when true” workflow. But with Microsoft there is no information in the URL.

You may show the spinner when the user click Signup button and hide it when the user is logged in with no need for information from the URL

I have tried this, and the spinner is visible before the user is forwarded to Microsoft. When the user is sent back, the spinner is no longer visible, before all Oauth processes are done, then the spinner is visible again while the user is sent to another page.

An idea just came to my mind, I don’t know if it might work, add parameter to the redirecting link (the link that send the user back to your app), something like “?waiting=yes”, then use the same approach you used with google!

Yes, that would be a good idea, im just not sure if thats possible with Microsoft?

Thank you for suggestions!

You have to try it, just add the parameter to the redirecting URL in the settings in Microsoft and see if it works