Split body text & image?

Good day bubblers!

Is it possible to replicate something akin to split body text in PPT?

I have a datatype which pulls in another datatype with a list of text and images and can be displayed into a nested repeating group.

Parent data type pulls Datatype 2 which is a list making up 3 rows of text (1,200 words) and 2 rows of image from the data table.
Parent 2 pulls in N text & N images

Can I enforce a group within that is for example 6x9" and any text or images from Parent 1’s referenced list which can’t fit into that group, will then flow into a second?

I then want parent 2’s text & images to begin in an entirely fresh group (not consume any left over space in the second group with parent 1’s overflow.

Is that possible? The closest feature I can think of akin to this is PPT’s split body text.


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