Split text from input via comma and create new thing on each string

The Bubbly way to do this is to simply create the items one by one. That is, don’t ask the user for a comma separated list of names, just have them enter them one by one and create each one on input.

Vanilla Bubble doesn’t really support the interface you’re trying to create. (Your proposed interface, BTW, is neither arguably nor obviously better than “the Bubble way”.)

But, if you have a comma-space separated text value, you can do the text operator :split by… on it (where the separator is comma-space) and that will yield a list of texts. Then you have the problem of iterating over that list of texts to create objects (Things).

You can do it, but it’s more effort at the moment than most are willing to put in. (And again it’s not necessarily better than easier options in Bubble.)

For an explication of how these two methods differ, and how you might do things your way, see: 📒 What is the best way to publish a list of objects to bubble? - #10 by keith

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