Splitting one input into multiple entries in the data base

Hello. I am stuck with something that feels so easy to solve and i couldn’t find something for my needs. So basically i have a multilineinput, where people can type in there ingredients seperated by commas. For example someone types in chicken, rice, broccoli. I want to have 3 different entries. What i have tried is text and list of text but couldn’t really figure out how to solve this. I have created a data type named available and a field called ingredientsHome. This is what made sense to me. Shouldn’t this create multiple entries seperated by commas?


this is what i get


For this you’ll need to run a recursive backend workflow to iterate over the list of texts generated by splitting the multiline input’s value.

So just add an action in the backend workflow to create the ‘Available’ entry, using the first text from the list as the Ingredient field value, then add another action to run the workflow again on the next item, and then the next… and so on until all the items have been created.

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