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SQL conector Stoped with error

From today the applications that use the sql connector, started to give permission error… I noticed that with each connection the SQL connector changes the IP, I don’t know if it was always like this… Please, help me I’m in trouble …
I have already tested it from other sources and access is normal… only via Bubble is with an error.

Do you have the encrypt true parameter on the connection string?

No, I never used

#RESOLVED - My password used special characters, and for some reason via sql connector, it stopped working… I had to change the password. The error only occurs with the bubble plugin. It worked for a year and a half. I used %23 and %24 instead of $ and #.
Now I can no longer use special characters, possibly there was some change in the bubble.




That makes sense. I almost mentioned the password issue but didn’t see how it could have been previously working. Those characters usually cause a failed connection when you initially set it up (that has been well documented on the forums).

If you want to use special characters again for passwords or some additional functionality you can check out our SQL Pro plugin (it’s a paid plugin).