Sql Connections Input fields


i would like to make my users input their sql access info by filling up the fields ex.

mysql://[username field]:[password field]@[host field]/[db_name field]

the reason is i want to create a template where users can use it and fetch their data by adding their own sql info

then i will save the users sql info to bubble db and use that sql info from bubble db to do a queries

how can i do this?

thank you for the answers

up anyone?

is this possible?

up for this please

@NigelG do you have any idea on how can we do this?

im using sql database connector plugin…

what i want is Users can input their SQL Access info to fetch data from their server to my site so each user has their own sql access info

i think sql database connector plugin can connect 1 sql access only

hope it make sense :slight_smile: