SQL Connector Can't Connect

Hello, I keep getting an error saying that my SQL Server wont allow connections from the SQL DataBase Connector plugin. Any suggestions?

Could you show some screenshots and blur out password to your database.

1st you have to get the connect string absolutely right. Once that’s done you need to make sure the user you’re connecting with has proper rights. You also need to make sure the firewall on your sql server is set to accept connections from your bubble server.

Thanks @dehacked79!
Would you happen to have any sql query examples?

All my queries are embedded as stored procedures in mssql. Instead of select * from table I would say exec procedure @variable. You need to sort your connection 1st though. Keep in mind not working with bubbles own db slows dev down significantly so be sure you need it.

Yes, I am using the BubbleDB along with MySQL to get nearly full automation with my fivem ESX Server.

I figured out the connectio, i just played around with the connection string for a little bit.

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would you share your findings? what’s the correct string pls?

Guys I have found that just changing the end of the connection string from: ?sslmode=require to ?ssl=true. Worked!! Hope it helps!