SQL Connector users: help us improve the documentation

Hello everyone,

We’ve gathered valuable feedback on the SQL connector documentation, indicating that it may not be explaining its use effectively. While this is a more specialized plugin and its docs tends to be less frequently accessed, it’s apparent that it needs improvement for those who rely on it.

If you’ve used the SQL connector, I’m eager to hear your suggestions on how we can enhance the article to serve as a more comprehensive and user-friendly guide for connecting to external databases.

Your input will play a crucial role in refining our documentation. Thank you for your feedback! :raised_hands:

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Great!! my 2cents

Troubleshooting Section: For ex - Solutions for common connection errors or data retrieval issues.

FAQ Section: For Ex. - Questions about compatibility with different SQL versions, Can we connect to Oracle Database? etc

Query Performance Tips: Best practices for sql query optimization

Use Cases and Examples: For ex., A step-by-step guide on connecting a MySQL database for a retail app


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@petter Our team have experience with MS Azure SQL database integration and we have some suggestions that could enhance the documentation.

Clarify SQL Syntax Variations: We noticed differences in SQL syntax between databases. For example, the query syntax in MySQL differs from that in MS SQL. SELECT * FROM users LIMIT 200 may work for MySQL DB but for MS SQL it was SELECT TOP 200 * FROM users

Update Variable Parameters Information: The current documentation suggests using $1 for variable parameters in queries, which didn’t work in our case. We discovered that using @ParameterName was the correct approach for us.

Expand on Database Firewall Management: We faced challenges with database firewalls due to Bubble’s use of dynamic IP addresses. This can pose a problem for users trying to secure their databases. It would be beneficial to provide more detailed guidance on managing firewall settings, or information on how to handle IP whitelisting, especially for users not on dedicated plans that offer static IPs.

Include Paging Strategies: Given that the queries records limitation is 200 records per query response, it would be great to include a section on efficient paging strategies. This is particularly crucial for handling larger datasets and ensuring smooth data retrieval. Example by BuildIt Branding you can find it here. Another example by @augusto.salles here

Thanks @petter for keeping the community as part of your process. You have made huge difference to the new version of the documentation :rocket:


Thank you so much for the questions, @salama this is very helpful :raised_hands:

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