SQL connector wishlist

I use the SQL connector extensively and there are a few features that would improve this connector dramatically. Here is what I have identified so far. Feel free to add more suggestions.

  1. Sort Queries alphabetically rather than in order of creation
  2. Search for queries filter
  3. Ability to duplicate a query
  4. Automatically add Parameter fields based on values in query preceded by Parameter symbol (e.g @MyVariable automatically creates a MyVariable field under parameters)
  5. Less crashing and speeding up when working with queries.
  6. Ability to show queries that are not initialized. So many times my app breaks in points because the query used in the app is uninitialized.
  7. Ability to click on a query and show a list of places where it is used, similar to the App Search tool results.
  8. Issue checker should identify if an active workflow or element contains an SQL query that is NOT initialized.
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