SQL Database Connector - Adding/Deleting Data

Hi, I’ve been trying to work out how to make a MySQL database connect with my Bubble App, then how to add and edit the data from Bubbles side to the database.

I’ve managed to get the data to now show in Bubble from my database, but unsure of how to proceed with adding/deleting data from Bubble to MySQL?

This is the Editor pic of my external data that shows data fine.

I’m using this to try adding data but getting no where, can someone help me?

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Quick updated;

When I do this, it actually adds my data as a test to my MySQL, woo hoo! My only issue now, how do I hook this into my bubble app for the user to enter the details for the database, can anyone help with this part?

I seem to be working it out as I go, but I’m stuck at the last hurdle!
I’ve now found how to add the user interface into creating the data below! However, in the query, I can’t seem to assign the parameters to the values, no matter if I do $1 or what, it won’t let me, can anyone help me with this last part?


Bubblers! I have done it! In the space of two hours, I’ve worked the issue out.

I use MySQL for my database, therfore I couldn’t use $ or @, I had to use ?.

I hope this helps others! :slight_smile: