SQL Database Connector Issue: Conversion Failure When Converting from a String to Unique Identifier

Hi experts! :sunny:

I’m encountering a problem with the SQL Database Connector in Bubble.io when using input fields within a popup to edit previous entries. Upon page loading, I receive the following error message: “SQL Database Connector Issue: Conversion failure when converting from a string to unique identifier.”

It appears that the input fields are attempting to load a value before a Unique Identifier is available. Typically, the Unique Identifier is empty as it’s populated by a custom state triggered when I press the edit button. Although the forms seem to function correctly and retrieve the correct data when needed, these SQL errors occur upon page loading.

The issue isn’t so much an error but rather a warning that the fields don’t have a Unique Identifier from which to retrieve values yet. Since I’m using pop-ups for editing instead of a new page, these will always exist, as the pop-up loads in the background before we click to edit.

Any assistance in resolving this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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