SQL Database Connector not connecting

I have not had any success thus far. I have searched the forums, and posted, and even reached out to support. I am trying so hard to connect my Microsoft SQL Server using the SQL Database Connector with no luck.

The documentation on Bubble is not enough, can someone please reach out and help me?

It would be greatly appreciated!



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Hi Brandon,

Thanks for your post.

Did you finally figure it out? I have the same issue and would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for your help!

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The same problem here…

I am trying in every way to use SQL Connector with Postgres.
The connection is localhost, but I tried with the machine’s IP, as well as enable external IPs and port (5432) in the configuration. of Postgre itself. Nothing worked.


Me too i start to believe this isn’t functional with Microsoft sql database.

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What connection strings did you use but it keep telling me that this isn’t correct

Could you see what i did wrong
Here please?