SQL Database Connector Separate SQL Queries For Test And Live

Hello, I use the SQL Database Connector plugin and I have two separate databases. I would like to do a query to my test database on development (version-test) and the same query but to my live database on the live version of my app. Is there a way to do this?

You have to setup two different connections; one for each database.
Let say you have a query “saveData” for each connection. The query must be configured as “Action”.

In the workflow that saves the data to the distant DB, create actions that call both queries (one that will save data to the test DB and one for the live).

Right now if you execute the workflow, both databases will receive the data. To change this, you can set conditions if an action can be executed or not. So for the action that saves data to the test DB, set the condition Is in Development version is “yes”, and no for the live DB action

Slight digression… how is the speed reading and writing to the sql database ?

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