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SSL issue overwriting when going to HTTP site

Hi, I currently direct to a few http URLs from my newly HTTPS bubble page. Despite having the page listed as http in the bubble system, bubble seems to be overwriting my direction and trying to match the protocol, causing an error message to appear to my users. Needless to say, this unnecessary error is scary and a bad user experience.

Anyone know how I can make sure my URL direction is not overwritten?

Can you share a link so that we can see the issue?

To recreate:

  1. Create an account
  2. Once in click on the logo in the upper left header
  3. You’ll trigger the error warning message on

I had the same issue for a client trying to get image with a http:// server. all the links where replaced by https://.
But I think that was done automatically by the browser.

Yes, just change the link so that it has http and the browser won’t overwrite the protocol.

I already had it as http and it was still overwriting. Is there special formatting I need to make sure it stays as http when I write it in beyond just http://