Some users are suddenly getting this error when they click on a link within an email that takes them to the App.

"The site can’t provide a secure connection

The SSL Encryption in Bubble is checked and has been for months, and has never thrown off this error.

The formatting of the link is as follows:
Dynamic Data .

Hey Leanne! Are you by chance using Sendgrid or Postmark to deliver these emails?


Got it! Are you tracking opens/clicks for your emails?

I track the last three days…

I am assuming there is a privacy issue that may be causing this on the click, is there somewhere to turn it off?
Or is there a different solution that may be better?

I’m 98% sure it’s the fact that you’re tracking link clicks. Try disabling that and see if it works!

You can disable tracking on Sendgrid emails here.

Between you and me, Postmark is a significantly better and faster transactional email engine; easy as a breeze to setup. :+1:

Firstly, thank you so much for your fast responses here. You are amazing.

Good to know! Thank you. I will try that.

I will look into Postmark! Thank you for the suggestion.

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Let me know if you have any other trouble; Sendgrid related or not. :blush: If you switch to Postmark, ask support for the “friends and family discount” and they’ll hook you up.

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