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I have a customer who is wanting their employees to authenticate with our app via their MS Active Directory instead of having individual accounts on our app. We’ve done lots of research (here and on other sites) and have tried some tools from the Marketplace but we keep coming up empty. If anyone is interested in a gig/job helping us implement this, I would greatly appreciate it.


Did you tried below plugin?,

Currently, I’m available.
If you need any help please contact me at [email protected]

Thanks for responding. Yes, we did. We did some testing with Pathfix on their site and were able to see that a user, even with an existing account in their app, could log in using their MS Active Directory account. The two accounts were then merged. We did that with our Pathfix local account and our MS Active Directory account as a proof of concept so we know that part is possible. Even when we log out of Pathfix, we are able to “log in” with no effort. It is a great solution for that.

The missing part is extending that functionality to the rest of the customer’s users without requiring each to log in using their MS Active Directory accounts (e.g., SAML). This is usually accomplished via configuration behind the scenes after the customer has purchased the subscription. Pathfix does not support that currently and has no plans of doing so.