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I must reiterate that Bubble needs to develop a sustainable and stable versioning system. We’ve been discussing this openly on the last two monthly announcements yet it seems the beta engine is also somehow causing issues on the legacy engine.

Stability is the most important thing for live production apps. Every bug, every weird responsive issue… these deter customers. If our site is not stable, neither is our business. The main engine, plug-ins, etc all need better versioning and stability before focusing on performance or new features. I’d rather be able to go to sleep at night and wake up to an identical website the next morning rather than wake up to bugs and a new magic login-link feature.

Just my thoughts on the sustainability of Bubble.


I have to admit the last few months I’ve been noticing strange behaviour.

Workflows randomly breaking - steps in workflows randomly disappearing etc. I haven’t known if I was imagining things as it’s hard to prove or replicate.

It has definitely caused issues with my users.


It’s not you. Bubble has been publishing rolling updates almost daily.

Here is the first discussion I’m aware of:

100% I had a workflow action go missing minutes after I created it.

I’ve also found it frustrating that some of the native bubble plugins are half baked.
The latest was the airtable plug-in which can’t add lists of things even when adding things in seperate workflows.

If your going to release something at least finish and polish it

I almost use no plug-ins due to this. Not only a problem with bubble-plugins though.

I had fonts change before my eyes on unrelated texts, happened a few times over last 2 months or so

This makes me feel better that I wasn’t going crazy! But does make me seriously reconsider the reliability of Bubble which is sad!

I think THE most important thing is to be able to trust that once you build something and deploy it that it’s going to stay working.

The (un)reliability at the moment has had a negative financial impact to my business. Reputation is also hard to gain back from the user base.