Stacking filters

I am trying to setup a stacking filter system. i am using the technique shown in the below video. however the issue i am having is when i want to stack multiple options of the same type., for example i want to see all the cases with either “accepted” and “Pending” status, one option is cancelling out the other. Wonder if anyone can suggest a fix. some screenshots of my workflow and filter design below.

Daisy chain filtering (

Hi, this isn’t set up correctly. You don’t need to set up a workflow for each option in a constraint. Search for a video on how to setup a checkbox filter. It will show you how to add/delete the selected options to a custom state, and then you can write one constraint that checks if a thing’s status is among the options in the custom state.

Also, IMHO, I think the “daisy chain” approach is best avoided unless there’s a specific reason to do it. The starting point should be writing your constraints in the regular “Search for” box. It’s much easier to set up and manage. It also ensures your searches run server side, rather than client side. (Client side searches aren’t scalable.)

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thats, super helpful.

hi, Ive created the custom state list to Add/remove an option from the state. how do i now tie this into the actual repeating group to filter based on this state?


In the RG element, in the “Data source” box, select “Do a search for” and that will bring up a box where you can create search constraints. As you know, a custom state is attached to an element, and so you can just point to an element’s custom state (it will allow you to grab an element from the dropdown and select the element’s custom state) to grab the value.

If you are able to put everything in this “Search for” box then you should be golden – searches will run fast server side = scale with lots of data. Once you start adding “:filter” or doing daisy chain stuff :roll_eyes:, you are pulling it client side = breaks with large data sets (sometimes it’s unavoidable, but it you should only go there when forced, not voluntarily).