Staff Formation Page

I want to make a Staff Page where i give permissions to my staff members and they can see their name on the staff page so people can see who is in the staff team or the team.

Like the Screenshot above

Sure - what issue are you having?

I dont have any issue yet, i was asking how to make it. I still didn’t start anything in that page, so i jumped on Forums to see if anyone can help me to figure out how to make it.

I think i know how to make it, but idk if ill be doing it right. So i just didn’t start anything.

Hi @mrpsgamer8 !

We have all being there not knowing how to start.

How about building a quick app with short video walkthrus to get you exposed to key concepts that should enable you to get your project started?

I did watch the videos but yet didn’t match what i wanted to do.

Those videos show:

Create, edit, delete, search items


How to create a page and place elements to see, input and interact with them

Navigate to another page from a list to see details about the item clicked on the list

… lots of info to implement what you kindly shared with us that you want to build

Yes i know what you mean, but ive seen those videos in the past when i started making stuff with bubble.
But this thing that i want to make is like give the staff member or the team members like “isStaff?” - “yes” and then their name will appear on the the Staff page.