Standard bubble "slider input" reset to default

I have a standard “slider input” used to select 0-200 , 100 is default.
I want to reset it back to it’s default value from my plugin’s javascript code when my user clicks my save button. Is it possible? I can do it easy with the normal input type=‘range’ slider in HTML5 but these sliders are a group of div’s controlled by style. Is it possible to reset them. I have tried giving it an ID and resetting the style to left:50%, but it does very strange things.

I never figured out how to do this from Javascript in a plugin, but in the workflow I can do a
“Reset relevant inputs” and fill in with
SliderRotation’s value >100 or SliderRotation’s value <100

The name of the slider is SliderRotation and the default is 100
This works, but it would make sense for the slider to have a reset to default member function that I could call from the plugin javascript.