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"Standard" sized elements

I am about to go through my app adding a “popup on hover” to every input element to give more information about what that element does. (forget for a moment that it should be obvious, else we’ve done something wrong in design!).

I will create a standard sized popup, which I then want to be able to “drag and drop” onto a page many times, each time editing the text.

What’s the most efficient way of doing this? Reusable elements are not great as they have to be identical in content, not just shape.

You can create a style for a popup just like you can most visual elements, which you can then edit under the Style tab. Remove the style on a standard popup, style it how you want and “create a new style.” Create another popup and then just select the style - or just copy and paste since it will retain the style.

If you want to keep content elements in there too - definitely need to copy/paste if you don’t want to go the reuseable element route.

Yep, thanks for that, but really it’s the size issue that’s more of a problem. It would be great to be able to create a specific size of an element and drag it onto the page ready made.

Are you talking about the size of the popup or the size of text boxes you’d have inside the popup?

You can modify more than one element at once and resize them then.

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Sure, I’ve been doing that. But it means that I’d have to move them all to the correct position on the page too.