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Star Rating Popup - Generated By Admin Only (Native Mobile)

Is there a way, using standard Bubble design for native mobile (show/hide groups, etc.), to create a rating popup that appears only when an admin hits a “collect ratings” button for a group of people. The idea is essentially the same as the experience we’ve all had after getting a Lyft/Uber ride, but the rating would only appear when someone using the Admin Panel clicks “collect ratings from users.”

Essentially, the app is collecting ratings from conference goers, and I’d like to be able to manually initiate reviews after figuring out which workshops/seminars the members have attended during the day (i.e. collect ratings will only appear when an administrator hits “collect ratings”). The idea is to prevent the users from getting the next day’s schedule/info, until they have submitted a star rating for the previous day’s workshops. Any ideas?

Definitely possible. Just maintain a flag or status, either bool or text, on the event and make the rating input visible when the flag or status changes to the desired state. In your case, the state in which the admin enables ratings.

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Well said. Since I already had custom states being used for screen switching, I just added another one in, which is set to “get_rating” when the admin clicks it, and then it switches back to a standard custom state (i.e. returns the user to their previous screen) after they fill the rating. Easy enough, thanks!