Start over (still learning)

I have done a bunch of tutorials and tinkered with a bunch of settings. I deleted all my apps. Can someone tell me if there is an easy way to “factory reset” so all my settings are back to the first time user state?

Hey @DonkeyCat :wave:

What are you trying to get back? Does this help?

@J805 Thank you for the link. I am working through that tutorial this week. In terms of what I am trying to reset is the defaults like (canvas grid lines, left justify, etc). When I start a new project for a new tutorial, the tweaked settings carry forward and I would like to start clean

Hmm, that’s a good question. :thinking: I am not sure if there is a way to do that. When you create a new project, does it pass along all those as well? Or does it start fresh for you?

@J805 I did a test with a fresh new app. The grids and borders carry over and are not the default fresh new start. Any ideas?

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I would contact Bubble Support and see if they can do a reset for you somehow. If they can’t, then deleting your account and creating a new one seems like the best way to go.