Start search on repeating group from cell 2 not the first cell

Is it possible to start searching on the repeating group from the second cell not the first?
I attached a picture of my repeating group.

I’m trying to create a feature where the plus sign alone stays on the first cell so when users click that button they are redirected to a page which allows them add new products.

But given that the plus sign group and a product exist in the first cell, would it be possible to start the search for products from the second cell?

Just add the operator :from item# (cant remember the exact operator)

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Thanks for the response.

That would result in the search starting from a particular entry in the database.

What I really want to do is on the repeating, start the search from the second cell on the repeating group and leave the first cell of the repeating group empty.

What do you think?

That’s what i meant. Point your search workflow to the repeating group’s list of things and add the operator.

@enochlamikanra, I understand what you’re trying to do. There are several different ways one might accomplish this, but the most “Bubbly” way to do it in my opinion (if you REALLY want the first item in the RG to act like an “add” button) is to create a “special” object that represents the “insert” option.

I’m assuming your RG is full of “Artikels”. So can add some sort of field to Artikel (a simple yes/no) that, if yes, means that this is the “special” Artikel that represents add a new product.

And you would then create a new Artikel that has this property set to yes and don’t ever create another. As an example, here’s a Thing called a Vehicle where I’ve added a field called “Default” (a yes/no that will indicate that this object is somehow special):

And then I create a Vehicle that has this property. It will be the only one that ever has that property set to “yes” (all other Vehicles have this property empty):

And now if I want to make the contents of a repeating group contain this special item at the top of the list, I could search for that item and then :merge that with my “normal” search:

:point_up: get the “special” Vehicle.

:point_up: merge the non-special vehicles

And then visualized in a repeating group:

And then of course we can just have a workflow on click and current cell’s Vehicle’s
Default is “yes” that navigates to our “Add Vehicle” page.

NOW, obviously this changes a bit how you can do Searches, so this might not be incredibly desirable and so you might instead just give up on having a “placeholder” item and just put a button somewhere outside the RG:

There are other ways that we might accomplish this. Plugins, for example, can in fact create an “empty” Thing (and this is a weird feature of my Floppy plugin that I haven’t done a video on just yet) and you could do the same thing as I describe above, just without having to create a “special” item.

I also thought that the folks at @AirDev had posted an interesting approach to doing just what you’re trying to do, @enochlamikanra , but I can’t seem to find it now. (But they might have been suggesting exactly what I was suggesting above… I’m not sure and cannot recall, exactly.)

@keith I think you’re referring to this one: Bubble Hack: How to create a tile repeating group with an option to add a new item - YouTube :wink:

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Yeah, @oliviercoolen, that’s what I was thinking of. (Thanks for finding that!)

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Thanks man. Perfect solution

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