Start Up Looking to Develop Local Community Health Service

We are a small Leeds, UK based Start Up working on an MVP fitness tracker which rewards customers with promos to local businesses as they keep active.

We are looking to bring on board a freelancer to help with the development of this tracking & reward functionality. The webapp will give a user tasks to complete and when they do they will be given a choice from three promos for different businesses in Leeds. Then it will reset to give them the next task and repeat over a set time period.

We currently envisage two options for the tracking element. 1. Barcode scanning capabilities for gym or studios. 2. Location tracking that will automatically register when a user goes to specific locations (preferably for a minimum time period). Note both of these would be via a mobile device.
As the user ticks this off, a progress bar for their task will show them how they are doing. When the progress bar is full they can claim a reward. The pop up will give the user the info for the rewards and then this reward is saved off to the users profile to be redeemed later.
Then we envisage the reward that user has just claimed being hidden from the list of data elements for the rewards so it doesn’t appear again when the user completes another task.

We have an idea of how the workflow would look for this, but are looking for someone to come on board to ensure all the data is input correctly and the data streams through the workflow as required.

There is definitely an interest to build an ongoing relationship with the freelancer as this MVP is adjusted to suit user feedback/experience and then as it looks to scale.

Please get in touch, this is a meaningful project for a community led company!

Hi Jordan,
This looks very interesting gamification concept.
I’d be thrilled to help you build it out.

I’m available on email at
can’t wait to connect and know the details.

(I run an MVP agency called Blur Apps)