Starter plan - Collaborators?

Hey Forum,

I’m curious about how folks on the starter plan manage with just one collaborator. Seems like you might need more. I’m still on the legacy personal plan and not eager to upgrade just to add more people. Has anyone thought about an add-on option for this? What’s your workaround?


Hi Benjamin,

I’m on a starter plan and managing with just one collaborator on it can be challenging, especially for larger projects. However the main drawback for me would be limited version control capabilities which I think is worth the upgrade.

I do think an add-on option is an interesting idea and it might be worth suggesting this to the Bubble team.

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I think it’s strange that I had to upgrade for 1 day just to get the edits I needed done. :frowning:.

Yeah that’s annoying :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

I posted this feature suggestion on the ideaboard a couple days back… give it an upvote to see if this gets any attention

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