Starting with Bubble and finishing elsewhere


I’m considering creating a new app with Bubble. Here are the steps I’d like to take. Is this workflow possible?

  1. Create 80% of the pages and interactions myself in Bubble. (I’m a product manager / designer.)
  2. Hand-off project to a freelance developer (e.g. on Upwork). This developer can update the code in whatever environment they like. They don’t have to use Bubble.
  3. Re-open the app in Bubble to tweak layout and other basic interactions.
  4. Hand-off project to be deployed on iOS (e.g. through co-pilot)

Possible? I’m most concerned about steps 2 & 3, of course. Those are critical to my choice.


Not possible. Bubble is a locked-in ecosystem, meaning it stays on Bubble, and everything has to be built in Bubble. You don’t get access to the source code. The most an outside engineer could do is provide plugin code, some Javascript using the Toolbox plugin, or externally hosted code that you’d access through the API connector.

It’s possible in one case. Instead searching for a freelancer on up work you must search for a freelancer here “in freelancer section” because Bubble app must build on bubble platform, or you can ask to complete your design .