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Startup at #1 Europe's accelerator with Bubble App!

If you are new to Bubble, listen! In one year, you could have a startup at #1 Europe’s accelerator…

Hey there Bubble community!!

I’m David, daily bubble user for over 1 year and I am stoked to announce that is live!
CircleHome is an example of what Bubble is capable of. We started from scratch with a free account a few months ago, and we are now a startup at the biggest startup accelerator of Europe!

Last week we launched CircleHome’s MVP to the world and we are hungry for feedback from the Bubble community :slight_smile: . The bubble forum and community has helped us tremendously building our platform, and here is our thank you (scroll down :slight_smile: )

CircleHome is a platform that allows everyone to travel without any accommodation costs, by swapping their homes. With CircleHome, anyone can travel unlimitedly, for free, and in a more sustainable way.
All exchanges have an insurance up to 5M$ and the annual subscription is 99€. But here is our thank you. For the bubble community, here is a code to have the annual subscription for free: 1YEAROFF (

Hope you like our idea and platform. Please give us as much feedback as possible (that is the main objective of this post!). And feel free to start traveling for free with us :slight_smile:

Cheers to the bubble community!

Give us strong textfeedback on:

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Thank you everyone for your feedback on Linkedin!

Really appreciate it! Really happy you like CircleHome :slight_smile: