Startup 🚀 - looking for developer

Hi all!

Hope everyone is doing well.

We launched our startup recently on AppSumo, and now we are in need of another developer to help out our colleague with the workload and to speed up the process.

Please Note: Given we are a startup and through AppSumo we’ll only receive funds in 2 months’ time, we need to be considerate with payments (we’ll be able to pay full in Jan).

We know it’s not ideal, and we can try to figure out something, but I wanted to be honest and upfront about it. (Emphasis: You will be paid.)

If you are still interested, let me know in a dm! :slight_smile:



Hi @petyaaa6 I am interested.

Am interested

How does if go

I am intrested

Just took a look at your AppSumo page and this looks really interesting! If you’re still looking for somebody, feel free to reach out!

Appsumo user here, happy to buy your product to supporting apps building in bubble

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