Startup looking for part-time dev support

Hey! We’re Anjoy, a platform that helps small farms and food producers manager their wholesale business. We’re starting to get some traction with early customers, and need some help on the dev side of things. I’m looking to bring in someone to help on a few short-term project needs such as a Stripe integration, and then ongoing help as things come up when the core team doesn’t have any bandwidth.

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Hey :wave: @jeff12

I’m from Sydney, Australia, and I run a Bubble Agency, Support Dept .

We have a pretty flexible approach to working with clients, with two major engagement models.

  1. We provide feedback, answer your questions and teach you to build and maintain an awesome app in Bubble. This is by far the most economical approach and keeps you in the driver’s seat. It might be useful to your core team if they have any knowledge gaps.

  2. We take your instructions and build your app for you.

You can also mix and match 1 and 2 as best suits you, even if you want to predominately use the service for #2 where we build for you.

I’m fairly advanced with Stripe x Bubble integrations, and actually have posted on the forum a few weeks ago with a video walkthrough about a more advanced implementation I worked on for a client. Check it out and let me know what you think…

Pricing wise - I have a number of packages on my website

I’d love to discuss your project & needs further, and a great next step might be to have a short zoom call. Here’s a link to book some time in my calendar.

I look forward to chatting soon.

Josh @ Support Dept
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Thank you for responding! Just booked times with you both to see if there might be a fit. Talk soon!