State default value for last time visited or logged in

Hi Bubblers,

I have 2 radio buttons:

  • Sunday
  • Monday

Once clicked Im setting a custom state to be Sunday (text variable) for the one Monday (same text variable).

How could I set this up so that the next time the user logs in or goes to this page it can default to the last option they chose?


Hi there, @luminrabbit… one way (the only way?) to do what you described is instead of setting a custom state, save the selection as a value in a field on the User data type, and use that value as the default the next time the user logs in. In other words, if you want the selection to persist across page loads and/or login sessions, you are going to have to save it to the database.

Hope this helps.


Hi @mikeloc

It sure does and its greatly appreciated! As always you are the man.

Thank You,

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